LEGO 71391 – Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set Available For Preorder

LEGO 71391– Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set is available for preorder from (North America) and will be releasing August 1, 2021. This set contains 1152 pieces and includes 3 characters (Kamek, a Rocky Wrench, and a Goomba) in addition to a POW Block and a cannon start pipe.

I’m really impressed with how LEGO has managed to take the airship that we have seen in several video games and turn it into a great looking model! Perhaps the most impressive portion of the model in my opinion is how they have managed to integrate Bowser’s face into the front of the ship. Other noteworthy details that catch my eye are the overall look and shape of the back portion of the ship as well as the cannons and cannon flaps on the side of the ship.

Overall I’m really impressed with what LEGO has done with LEGO 71391 – Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set and can’t wait to build it. You can follow the links below to take a closer look at this impressive set and even preorder it.

Click here to view LEGO 71391 on (CA)

Click here to view LEGO 71391 on (USA)

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