Awesome New LEGO Camera With Random Flash Effect From Brickstuff

BrickStuff has released a new product on their website that is a LEGO camera with a random flash effect. This is a really awesome lighting effect and great for use in a LEGO City where you might have a red carpet event, a sporting event, or other situations where people might be doing flash photography. An interesting note with this effect is that the more cameras you have using it the better it looks and it really drives home what an excellent job they have done with the random firing of the flash.

The kit itself comes with the following:

  • One LEGO camera with pre-mounted flashing LED light (12″/30cm connecting cable)
  • One BRANCH03 adapter board, providing connection to the power source (sold separately) and also with one extra connector so you can add a second camera and power both from the same power source.

I am personally really excited about the potential of this kit and could envisioning it being used out in front of our LEGO theatre for a red carpet event! We have reviewed BrickStuff products before on our YouTube channel and have been really impressed with their Lighted Billboards and Train Lights so I expect this product to be great as well! For more information check out the link below to the BrickStuff website and keep an eye out for our review of this impressive new kit once we get it!

Click here to view the LEGO Camera With Random Flash Effect in the BrickStuff store

Click here to view the 10 pack version of the LEGO Camera With Random Flash Effect in the BrickStuff store

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