Amazing Remco Rohaan EC Henry’s Imperial Nebulon Available From Brick Collective

Brick Collective has released instructions for an awesome Star Wars spaceship called the Remco Rohaan EC Henry’s Imperial Nebulon! This impressive model requires 9072 pieces to build and when completed measures 122 x 54 x 37 (cm).

The level of detail and sheer size of this model designed by Remco Rohaan is extremely impressive. I appreciate in particular all of the detail and texture they have managed to work into not only the top of the model, but also the underside! This isn’t a ship that I am very familiar with so I also really like the fact that they include an impressive amount of backstory on their website about the ship which is fun to read through. It is worth noting that the estimated part costs for this model that Brick Collective shows on their page are quite high, but that isn’t too surprising given the huge number of parts that make up this model.

This looks to be a must have build for any fans of Star Wars as well as anyone who likes awesome looking spaceship models! You can follow the link below to check out this amazing instruction set over in the Brick Collective store!

Click here to view the Remco Rohaan¬†EC Henry’s Imperial Nebulon in the Brick Collective store

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