LEGO 10291 – Queer Eye: The Fab 5 Loft Coming October 1

LEGO has officially announced LEGO 10291- Queer Eye: The Fab 5 Loft which will be releasing October 1, 2021! This set will contain 974 pieces and is based off of the Queer Eye TV show on Netflix.

The set features 5 minifigures for the cast of the show plus a great looking French Bulldog figure. In addition to the cast minifigures there are also 2 Kathi Dooley minifigures which show her before and after her makeover. It is really great to see such a wide variety of minifigure parts included in this set and they have done a really great job of recreating everyone in LEGO form!

In addition to the figures the loft features a lot of great furniture builds and details including the kitchen island, couch, clothing rack, swivel salon chair, and big TV. I really like how they have also included a number of plant builds throughout the space which look great and add some nice color to the room. One other detail that you might notice is that we are getting white masonry brick pieces with this set in a fairly large number which is awesome!

Another detail of note is that even though this is an 18+ set it is coming in a white box. I really like how much brighter this makes the box and I think it will really pop on the store shelves as a result. Hopefully we will get more boxes like this in the future for sets in the 18+ line!

Overall this looks to be another great apartment space built out of LEGO that should be a lot of fun to build! Check out the links below to view it on and learn more about this upcoming set.

Click here to view LEGO 10291 on (CA)

Click here to view LEGO 10291 on (USA)

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