Awesome LEGO Theater Marquee From Brickstuff

Brickstuff has an awesome realistic-looking scrolling theater marquee for sale on their website! This kit is designed to integrate easily with LEGO 10232 – Palace Cinema and unlike other lighting kits for this set the scrolling lights actually move in sequence like a real marquee!

The lighting effect controller that comes with the kit provides a large amount of customization and control by allowing you to set the speed of the scrolling, the brightness level for the lights, and gives you four operation modes to choose from. The four modes available are:

  • Upward-scrolling lights with flashing front lights
  • Upward-scrolling lights with steady (non-flashing) front lights
  • Downward-scrolling lights with flashing front lights
  • Downward-scrolling lights with steady (non-flashing) front lights

I also really appreciate the fact that Brickstuff has taken a number of steps to ensure that this kit is really easy to install. The kit actually includes 55 LEGO bricks to help with the installation and they have already pre-assembled most of the parts so that most of what you need to do is transfer bricks from your existing marquee to the pre-lit base that comes with this kit and just follow the rest of the instructions they provide.

I am personally really excited about this theater marquee and can’t wait to integrate it into our Palace Cinema! For more information check out the link below to the Brickstuff website and keep an eye out for our review of this impressive new kit once we get it!

Click here to view the LEGO Theater Marquee in the Brickstuff store

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