Hallmark 2022 LEGO Christmas Ornaments

Hallmark has announced their 2022 LEGO Christmas Ornaments and when they will be released. They have four new ornaments this year with one of them coming out on on July 9th and the other three releasing on October 8th.

The only ornament scheduled to be released on July 9, 2022 is the Yeti. I really like how they have given the Yeti an ice popsicle to hold and this minifigure was always a favorite of mine with his facial print, head piece/fur, and overall minifigure print. Given how great it looks and the fact that it fits nicely with the winter/Christmas theme, I think that is going to be definite must buy ornament.

On October 8, 2022 Hallmark will be releasing the other three ornaments which are BB-8, the Astronaut, and Harry Potter! From a pure holiday perspective I think that BB-8 is the best ornament of the group since they have given him a Santa hat which goes really well with his overall look plus BB-8 is just a cute character that a lot of people love. Even though the Astronaut (blue spaceman – Benny) and Harry Potter don’t have any Christmas/winter touches or references on them I still think given their iconic nature they will be both be very popular.

I continue to be very impressed with the attention to detail and quality of the Hallmark LEGO ornaments and these 4 additions to the lineup look to be continuing on that tradition. Currently I only see these ornaments on the Hallmark US website, but hopefully they will be available in other countries as well. I have included links below for each of these ornaments on the Hallmark US website in case you are interested in taking a closer look.

Tap here to view the LEGO Yeti Ornament on the Hallmark US website

Tap here to view the LEGO Astronaut on the Hallmark US website

Tap here to view the LEGO Harry Potter on the Hallmark US website

Tap here to view the LEGO BB-8 on the Hallmark US website

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