New LEGO Engineer Book By Jeff Friesen Available For Pre-Order

A new LEGO book by Jeff Friesen called The LEGO Engineer is now available for pre-order! In the book you will explore how some of humanity‚Äôs greatest feats of engineering work, from towering skyscrapers to powerful rockets to speeding bullet trains. The book then gives you step-by-step instructions to follow which allow you to build these marvels with LEGO bricks and experience the world of engineering in a fun new way. The book will be 200 pages long and is set to release in August 2022. If you are a fan of Jeff’s other books or are interested in engineering and microscale builds I recommend giving this a look.

Tap here to view The LEGO Engineer on No Starch Press’ website

Tap here to view The LEGO Engineer on Amazon Canada

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