Bricklink Designer Program Round 3 Prices Revealed

The prices for the third round of the Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Invitational have been officially revealed! The prices are quite high for the sets in this round with the lowest priced set being $129.99 USD (1950s Diner) and the highest priced set being $399.99 USD (Train Station: Studgate). The date for preorders has not yet been set, but with the prices now set we must be getting closer.

Space Troopers – $199.99 USD

1950s Diner – $129.99 USD

Train Station: Studgate – $399.99 USD

Working Waterfall – $229.99 USD

Exploratorium – $299.99 USD

Winter Chalet – $199.99 USD

Modular Construction Site – $319.99 USD

Mountain View Observatory – $319.99 USD

Brickwest Studios – $349.99 USD

Tap here to view more about each of the sets involved in round 3 of the Bricklink Designer Program

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