First Look At LEGO 31131 – Downtown Noodle Shop

The LEGO building instructions database has been updated with a new Creator 3-in-1 set called LEGO 31131 -Downtown Noodle Shop which will be releasing this summer. This set contains 569 pieces and looks like it would be a great addition to a LEGO City. Given that the finished product only results in a front fa├žade of the noodle shop I would expect a number of builders will be working on ways to make this into a full fledged modular building as well! A German retailer (JB Spielwaren) has a page up in their store for this upcoming set so I will include a link below if you want to learn more about this upcoming set.

Tap here to view LEGO 31131 – Downtown Noodle Shop in the JB Spielwaren store

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