Cool New LED Rotating Beacons For LEGO Available From Brickstuff

Brickstuff has released awesome new LED Rotating Beacons for LEGO models on their website! The 6-LED Rotating Multi-Color Beacon 2-Pack with Controller is available in their new products section and the kit contains two 6-LED rotating beacon assemblies and one mini effect controller that drives them both allowing you to have two synchronized rotating beacons. The beacons have been designed so that they will fit into any 2×2 round brick (no drilling or gluing required) and you can even mount them in different orientations inside your beacon bricks, so you can have “normal” or “inverted” beacon setups. Note that there aren’t any beacon brick parts included in the kit, but you can use any existing 2×2 round bricks with the beacons or you can purchase transparent beacon brick packs in multiple colors (dark blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and clear) from Brickstuff if need be.

One of the best parts of these new beacons is that they are multi-color so you can set both the beacon pattern and color. The color possibilities for the beacons are: red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, pink, white, and rainbow! The patterns available to choose from for the beacons are: Standard Rotation, Normal Speed; Reverse Rotation, Normal Speed; Standard Rotation, Fast Speed; Reverse Rotation, Fast Speed; Standard Rotation, Super Slow Speed; Reverse Rotation, Super Slow Speed; Single Flash, Normal Speed; Triple Flash; Single Flash, Fast Speed; Triple Flash, Alternating.

We will definitely be trying out these awesome LED Rotating Beacons to see how they work so keep an eye out for a video on our YouTube channel once we receive them! For more information on this cool new product check out the links below to the Brickstuff website!

Tap here to view the 6-LED Rotating Multi-Color Beacon 2-Pack with Controller in the Brickstuff store

Tap here to view the Round Beacon Parts Pack options in the Brickstuff store

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