Awesome New Flickering Gothic Torches For LEGO Available From Brickstuff

Brickstuff has released awesome new Flickering Gothic Torches for LEGO models on their website!

These amazing torches come in two packs in the Brickstuff store and are a great way to add period appropriate lighting to LEGO Castles and more. The flickering effect for the torches is built into the LED lights so all you need to do is attach them to a power source and they are ready to go! Brickstuff is also offering a two pack of the torches that comes with a battery pack if you need one.

We will definitely be trying out these awesome Flickering Gothic Torches to see how they work so keep an eye out for a video on our YouTube channel once we receive them! For more information on this cool new product check out the links below to the Brickstuff website!

Tap here to view the Flickering Gothic Torch (2-Pack) in the Brickstuff store

Tap here to view the Flickering Gothic Torch 2-Pack with Battery Pack & Adapter in the Brickstuff store

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