LEGO Icons 10306 – Atari 2600 Coming August 1

LEGO Icons 10306 – Atari 2600 has been officially revealed by LEGO and will be available starting August 1, 2022!

This impressive Atari console model requires 2532 pieces and reminds me a lot of the Nintendo console that was released year! The Atari 2600 build includes a front panel that mimics the console with functioning switches, three classic game cartridges (Asteroids, Adventure, Centipede), 3D vignettes for each of the classic games, a brick built Atari joystick that moves and feels like the original, the games can be stored in a cool 1980s style cartridge holder. The console also appears to have a small, fold out 1980s game room with fun details like a retro phone, TV, posters, and boom box. Personally I think that this looks like a really cool set especially for video game fans like myself, but I am curious to see if the Atari brand has enough appeal and nostalgia to get large numbers of builders to pick up the set.

Overall this looks like an amazing addition to the LEGO Icons line of sets and will be a definite must have for fans of video games and LEGO. Check out the links below to view LEGO Icons 10306 – Atari 2600 on and learn more about this upcoming set!

Tap here to view LEGO Icons 10306 – Atari 2600 on (CA)

Tap here to view LEGO Icons 10306 – Atari 2600 on (US)

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