New Brickmania Digital Instructions (7/27)

Brickmania has released two new digital instruction sets for sale on their website. The digital instruction sets they have added this week are the Polikarpov I-16 – Soviet Single-Seat Fighter (designed by Andrea Boninsegna) and the T-35 – Soviet Heavy Tank (designed by John Canepa). Both of these models look really impressive, but my personal favorite out of these two is definitely the T-35!

According to the Wikipedia page for the T-35 tank it was a “Soviet multi-turreted heavy tank of the interwar period and early Second World War that saw limited production and service with the Red Army”. Apparently the T-35 was often called a “land battleship” and was “the only five-turreted heavy tank in the world to reach production, but proved to be slow and mechanically unreliable”. The designer has really done an amazing job of recreating this tank given its unique appearance. The details that initially jump out for me with this model are all of the amazing turrets across the upper surface of the tank which result in a very interesting overall shape and appearance for the tank. There are also some great details with the side paneling and with the general shape of the tread area on the model that give it a very distinct and realistic look. Brickmania also offers a sticker pack for the T-35 – Soviet Heavy Tank that you can purchase separately from the model instructions (tap here to view it in the Brickmania store) that includes some great additional details.

If you don’t already have these awesome models in your collection it is definitely worth checking them out! In addition to the instructions there are also sticker packs and special parts available for purchase so you can complete these models in all of their glory.

Tap here to view the Polikarpov I-16 – Soviet Single-Seat Fighter in the Brickmania store

Tap here to view the T-35 – Soviet Heavy Tank in the Brickmania store

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