LEGO Icons 10307 – Eiffel Tower Coming November 25

LEGO has officially revealed the massive LEGO Icons 10307 – Eiffel Tower which will be available starting November 25 at 12:00 AM EST!

This impressive set contains 10,001 pieces and once completed measures 59″ (149cm) tall, 23″ (57cm) wide, and 23″ (57cm) deep! In addition to the awe inspiring size of this incredible set I really like the details that the designer has managed to pack in including the Parisian lampposts, benches, trees and shrubs in the esplanade at the base; the observation platforms and elevators in the upper portion of the tower; all of the arches, supports, cross bracing and railings that faithfully recreate the real world version of the tower; and the French flag on the top of the tower. It is also worth noting that the tower is made up of 4 distinct parts which is both representative of the original construction and makes it easier to move the tower around once it is finished.

LEGO always does an excellent job of coming up with an awesome set for the yearly special Black Friday release and this massive Eiffel Tower looks to continue that trend. I will be interested to see how LEGO fans end up displaying this set given its huge footprint. Personally I will be looking to integrate this into a corner of my LEGO City layout where it will surely standout and be an excellent addition to the overall layout! Check out the links below to view LEGO Icons 10307 – Eiffel Tower on and learn more about this upcoming set.

Tap here to view LEGO Icons 10307 – Eiffel Tower on (CA)

Tap here to view LEGO Icons 10307 – Eiffel Tower on (US)

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