New LEGO Christmas Themed T-Shirts Available From Brick Monarch

Brick Monarch has added two new LEGO Christmas themed t-shirts to the growing lineup of amazing LEGO inspired shirts for sale on their website! While both of the shirts are really well done my personal favorite has to be the Ho Ho Ho Santa shirt with its great Santa Claus figure on the front.

These great looking t-shirts are an awesome addition to the wide variety of LEGO inspired t-shirts that Brick Monarch already offers in their store and I look forward to seeing what new apparel designs they come up with next. If you would like to learn more about these cool new t-shirts follow the link below to check them out in the Brick Monarch store.

Tap here to view the Ho Ho Ho T-Shirt in the Brick Monarch store

Tap here to view the Let It Snow T-Shirt in the Brick Monarch store

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