LEGO 40646 – Daffodils Coming January 1

The new LEGO Daffodils botanical set (40646) has been officially revealed by LEGO and will be available starting January 1, 2023!

We have seen a lot of variety across the LEGO Botanical theme with the Bonsai Tree, Flower Bouquet, Orchid, Bird of Paradise, etc. and LEGO 40646 looks to continue the excellent flower design and great parts usage we have seen in those previous sets! The set contains 216 pieces and each daffodil stem measures over 11 in. (30 cm) tall. I am also excited to see the petal pieces in this set up close as they look to be white and yellow shield pieces which would be awesome!

Overall this looks to be a great addition to the LEGO Botanical theme and I’m glad to see that LEGO is mixing up the size of these sets so we not only get a wide variety of builds, but also a mix of price points for these sets as well! Check out the links below to view LEGO 40646 – Daffodils on and learn more about this upcoming set!

Tap here to view LEGO 40646 – Daffodils on (CA)

Tap here to view LEGO 40646 – Daffodils on (US)

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