LEGO 10312 – Jazz Club Coming January 4 (January 1 For VIPs)

LEGO has officially announced LEGO 10312 – Jazz Club which will be the new modular building for 2023! This impressive looking set contains 2899 pieces and will be available for everyone to purchase on January 4, 2023, but VIPs get early access starting January 1, 2023.

The awesome jazz club contains an area on the main floor where the the jazz singer, bassist and drummer minifigures can perform, an office space on the second floor, and what appears to be a dressing room on the third floor. Next door to the jazz club there is a smaller building that has a sidewalk café on the main level, a tailor shop on the second floor, and a rooftop greenhouse. Interesting details that catch my eye throughout the set are the 45-degree doorway at the front of jazz club, the windows on the second and third floors that look like stained glass, the cool Jazz Club sign on the front of the building, and the space for a performance poster on the front of the building (always a great opportunity for swapping in and out different custom posters). It is also worth noting that the set includes 8 minifigures: jazz singer, bassist, drummer, chef, tailor, pizza delivery guy, and customers for the club and cafe.

LEGO always does a great job of coming up with interesting additions to the modular theme and this is no exception! I think that this jazz club will be an awesome addition to LEGO cities and I am personally looking forward to adding it to our layout. Check out the link below to view LEGO 10312 – Jazz Club on and learn more about this upcoming set.

Tap here to view LEGO 10312 – Jazz Club on (CA)

Tap here to view LEGO 10312 – Jazz Club on (US)

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