LEGO Disney 100 Collectible Minifigures Officially Revealed By LEGO

LEGO has officially revealed the latest series to be added to the Collectible Minifigure line: LEGO 71038 – Disney 100. This collectible minifigure series will be releasing on May 1, 2023.

The 18 minifigures that are included in this collectible minifigure line are Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, The Queen, Stitch 626, Pocahontas, Cruella de Vil & Dalmatian puppy, Miguel & Dante, Ernesto de la Cruz, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Robin Hood, Prince John, Tiana, Dr. Facilier, Queen of Hearts, Mulan, Aurora and Baymax. I’m always impressed with how LEGO manages to recreate iconic characters like these in LEGO form. My personal favorites in this particular lineup of characters are Baymax, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Stitch 626, Prince John, and Robin Hood!

Overall I am really excited for this collectible minifigure series and I’m sure it will be hugely popular with so many iconic Disney characters included in the lineup so make sure to get yours early on May 1st if you can! If you would like to learn more about the minifigures in this collectable series make sure to tap on the links below to view them in the LEGO online store.

Tap here to view LEGO 71038 – Disney 100 on (CA)

Tap here to view LEGO 71038 – Disney 100 on (US)

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