LEGO Icons 10318 – Concorde Coming September 7th (September 4th For VIPs)

LEGO has officially revealed LEGO Icons 10318 – Concorde which will be available on September 7, 2023 for everyone, but VIPs get early access starting September 4, 2023.

This awesome set is packed with 2083 pieces and let’s you build an amazing replica of the world’s most famous supersonic commercial passenger airplane. I am personally impressed with just how much functionality they have managed to pack into the set with a tiltable droop nose (just like the real-life passenger jet), functioning landing gear, a retractable tail bumper wheel, delta wings with movable elevons and hinged upper and lower rudders! In case that wasn’t enough for you it also features an accessible seating area and comes with a stand which allows you to display the airplane in one of three modes: in flight, takeoff or landing. Once built the model measures over 6 in. (15 cm) high, 41.5 in. (105 cm) long and 17 in. (43 cm) wide!

Overall this looks to be an incredible addition to the LEGO Icons lineup and it is sure to be a hit with model airplane and LEGO fans. I am personally looking forward to both building this set and having it on display in my LEGO room as it will definitely be an eye-catching display piece. As I mentioned before this set will be available for everyone starting September 7th, but if you are a LEGO VIP you can get the set in the early access period starting September 4th so it is definitely a good time to become a LEGO VIP if you aren’t already. Check out the links below to view LEGO Icons 10318 – Concorde on and learn more about this upcoming set.

Tap here to view LEGO Icons 10318 – Concorde on (CA)

Tap here to view LEGO Icons 10318 – Concorde on (US)

Tap here to view LEGO Icons 10318 – Concorde on (GB)

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