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New LEGO Australian Locomotive Instructions Available From Capital Loco Kits

Capital Loco Kits has released new instruction sets for building Victorian Railways (VR) K class 2-8-0 and N class 2-8-2 LEGO locomotives in a variety of liveries and outlines. According to Wikipedia, the K class was a branch line steam locomotive that ran on Victorian Railways in Australia from 1922 to 1979. Even though its design and specifications were unremarkable,

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New LEGO Mountain 4-8-2 Locomotive Instructions By M.P. Lynes Available On Amazon

M.P. Lynes has released a new set of instructions for building a Mountain 4-8-2 locomotive out of LEGO! This locomotive requires 1606 parts and was designed with only LEGO parts (no custom parts or cutting of pieces required). The 4-8-2 designation represents the wheel arrangement of four leading wheels, eight powered and coupled driving wheels and two trailing wheels. This

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