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New LEGO Australian Locomotive Instructions Available From Capital Loco Kits

Capital Loco Kits has released new instruction sets for building Victorian Railways (VR) K class 2-8-0 and N class 2-8-2 LEGO locomotives in a variety of liveries and outlines. According to Wikipedia, the K class was a branch line steam locomotive that ran on Victorian Railways in Australia from 1922 to 1979. Even though its design and specifications were unremarkable,

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New LEGO Mountain 4-8-2 Locomotive Instructions By M.P. Lynes Available On Amazon

M.P. Lynes has released a new set of instructions for building a Mountain 4-8-2 locomotive out of LEGO! This locomotive requires 1606 parts and was designed with only LEGO parts (no custom parts or cutting of pieces required). The 4-8-2 designation represents the wheel arrangement of four leading wheels, eight powered and coupled driving wheels and two trailing wheels. This

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Awesome LEGO Snowman Scene Model Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds has released an impressive new LEGO Snowman Scene model for sale on their site! You can purchase the instructions required for building this cool holiday model from the Bricker Builds store and you will be able to use the provided parts list file to order all of the required bricks from Bricklink. This cool LEGO Christmas build requires

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New LEGO Mini Modulars: Around The World Book Available Now

Nicolas and Thomas Carlier have released a new LEGO themed book called LEGO Mini Modulars: Around The World that contains the instructions for building 14 microscale buildings from around the world! The buildings included in the book are: Painted Ladies, Old West False Front, Cartagena Casa, Palafitos De Castro, Santorini, Venetian House, Timber-Framed House, Swiss Chalet, Hausmann Style, Amsterdam Canal

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Awesome LEGO Jack-O-Lantern Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds has released a new LEGO Jack-O-Lantern model on their site which is well timed with Halloween quickly approaching! You can purchase the instructions and the bricks required for building this impressive model from the Bricker Builds store and it even comes with an easy to install lighting kit from Light My Bricks that will allow your Jack-o-Lantern’s face

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