Alternate Harry Potter Mosaic Instructions

The LEGO Group has released instructions for alternate Harry Potter mosaic builds that can be put together using the parts from LEGO 31201. Each of these alternate builds requires a complete copy of LEGO 31201 to complete, but they all look quite good. Personally if I had to choose I think I would go with either Hedwig or the Golden Snitch as they are more iconic and representative of Harry Potter in my mind. I think the numbering in the 9 3/4 mosaic is really well done though and there is definitely lots to learn from how they approached that set of instructions.

It is great to see LEGO providing fans with additional instructions that they can take advantage of across the mosaic sets and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with these sets in the future!

You can find the instructions for these alternate builds via the following link:

Harry Potter Alternate Mosaic Instructions

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