Ulysses Space Probe Instructions By StoneWars

StoneWars has released a great set of instructions for a Ulysses Space Probe build that includes a stand for it to sit on. The model was designed by Jonas Kramm and is made up of 291 pieces. They put together this set of free instructions for the probe as an alternative for LEGO fans after the issues that many people had with trying to get the VIP LEGO Ulysses probe.

The model looks really amazing and I’m quite impressed with all the details they have included. I also really like the fact that they included a stand in the build so it is easier to display the finished product. We will definitely be looking at building this cool model and adding it to our LEGO Space collection and I recommend that you try it out as well!

Click here to get the instructions for the StoneWars Ulysses Space Probe

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