New Brickmania Digital Instructions

Brickmania has released new digital instructions for sale on their website. The digital instructions they have added this week are the Easy Eight + M4A3E8 Hollywood Add-On (designed by Daniel Siskind) and Ju87 G-2 Stuka (designed by Cody Osell). The Ju87 G-2 Stuka is a great looking plane model from World War II with awesome cockpit details and you can purchase a sticker pack to go along with it to fully complete the model (the digital download also includes printable artwork for making stickers at home if you want)! The Easy Eight + M4A3E8 Hollywood Add-On is another cool tank model by Brickmania that is great to see available as a digital download and if you want there are a couple of sticker packs as well as track links that you can purchase to complete it in all of its glory.

It is great that Brickmania continues to release some of their amazing models out as digital instructions. I highly recommend checking these out and picking up ones that catch your eye!

Click here to view the Easy Eight + M4A3E8 Hollywood Add-On in the Brickmania store

Click here to view the Ju87 G-2 Stuka in the Brickmania store

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