New LEGO Train Bridge Released By TRIXBRIX

TrixBrix has released a new 4-Span Train Bridge for sale and it looks quite impressive! The bridge looks to be 4 standard LEGO tracks long (the distance is covered in the set with two of TrixBrix’s double straight track pieces) and can apparently withstand loads up to 4kg (~8.8lbs).

This set contains 147 pieces which were manufactured using a combination of 3D printing and injection molding. In addition to the 4-Span set there is also a 2-Span Bridge Extension set that can be used to extend your bridge out even further! This extension set contains 69 pieces and appears to be two standard LEGO tracks in length (a distance which is covered with one TrixBrix double straight track). It isn’t clear just how many of these you could add on to a standard bridge without supports underneath to keep the track and structure from bending, but it is great to have the option to customize the bridge to your individual needs.

It is also worth noting that this set appears to work well with the supports and pillars that TrixBrix sells as well so you can combine them all together to create really impressive structures.

Overall this looks like a really exciting option for LEGO train builders that will offer up plenty of interesting options for layout building. I have included links below so that you can check these sets out for yourself over at the TrixBrix store. We will be looking to integrate one of these into our layout as well so stay tuned for a hands on look at this impressive bridge from TrixBrix!

Click here to view the 4-Span Train Bridge from TrixBrix

Click here to view the 2-Span Train Bridge Extension From TrixBrix

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