New Brickmania Digital Instructions (8/4)

Brickmania has released new digital instructions for sale on their website. The digital instructions they have added this week are for the Crossroads Tavern + Salty Anchor Tavern (designed by Daniel Siskind) and Country Mill (designed by Daniel Siskind). Both of these medieval builds are really amazing and this is a great opportunity for people to buy and build these iconic models! I’m really impressed by the design of both buildings and all the details packed into them like the windmill top on the Country Mill as well as the great windows and color scheme of the Tavern. If you don’t already have these awesome models in your collection it is definitely worth checking them out!

Click here to view the Crossroads Tavern + Salty Anchor Tavern in the Brickmania Store

Click here to view the Country Mill in the Brickmania Store

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