Awesome Bad Batch Hunter And Wrecker Helmets Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds has released instructions for the helmets of Hunter and Wrecker from Bad Batch! Both of these models look really impressive, but let’s start by looking at the Hunter helmet first.

Hunter is the leader of the Bad Batch and his incredible helmet requires 3,155 parts to assemble. The color scheme on this helmet is awesome and I am really impressed with the work they have done to match up the color and layout with the source material. This helmet will make an awesome display piece for any Star Wars fan, but especially for fans of the Bad Batch!

Wrecker is the bruiser of the Bad Batch and his awesome helmet requires 3,233 parts to assemble. I really like how they have managed to recreate the 99 on his helmet as well as the distinctive shape that it has. The color scheme for this particular helmet is eye catching as well!

Bricker Builds has done a great job of recreating both of these amazing helmets with a careful eye on color scheme and shape which really comes through in the final look of both models. When you purchase these models in addition to getting the instructions for the build you will also get a parts list that you can use for buying the necessary parts over on Bricklink. These two awesome helmets are a definite must buy for fans of the Bad Batch, but the amazing detail and look of the models make them great display pieces for any Star Wars fan!

You can follow the links below to read more about these impressive models in the Bricker Builds store and we will post more here once we have built them!

Click here to check out the Hunter Bad Batch Helmet in the Bricker Builds store

Click here to check out the Wrecker Bad Batch Helmet in the Bricker Builds store

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