New Brickmania Digital Instructions (8/25)

Brickmania has released a large wave of new medieval digital instructions for sale on their website. The digital instructions they have added this week are for the Highland Keep (designed by Daniel Siskind), Japanese Castle (designed by Daniel Siskind), Tower of Vlad Dracula (designed by Daniel Siskind), and Guarded Church Expansion Modules (designed by Daniel Siskind). All of these models look really impressive and are great additions to the ongoing line of amazing medieval builds that Brickmania has released instructions for recently.

The Guarded Church Expansion Modules requires 2849 pieces and requires the Guarded Church which they released last week. I really like the idea of expansion modules like this and it really does an awesome job of building out an already great model into something quite impressive!

The Tower Of Vlad Dracula requires 3869 pieces to build and also comes with instructions for a Ballista! The tower itself looks really nice and they have done a great job with the windows, arrow slits, and ramparts!

The Japanese Castle really stands out from all of the other sets of instructions since it is a different style of castle from what we normally see. The castle requires 4183 pieces to build and looks to be quite an impressive model! In particular I am a fan of the roof design and the general layout of the structure from the gate area back into the large main section of the castle.

The Highland Keep is another amazing structure that calls on some of the same elements that make the Tower of Vlad quite impressive, but puts them together to create a unique and awesome looking model. The model requires 6335 pieces to put together which is a lot, but the final structure looks to be really imposing and awesome looking!

All of these models would be great additions to a layout, but could also be great standalone display pieces. Overall I’m really impressed with all four of these models and anyone who doesn’t have them in their collection should definitely consider checking them out!

Click here to view the Highland Keep in the Brickmania Store

Click here to view the Japanese Castle in the Brickmania Store

Click here to view the Tower of Vlad Dracula in the Brickmania Store

Click here to view the Guarded Church Expansion Modules in the Brickmania Store

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