Awesome SWBrickDesigns Jedi Vector Available From Brick Collective

Brick Collective has released instructions for a cool Star Wars spaceship called the Jedi Vector that was designed by SWBrickDesigns! This impressive model requires 1867 pieces to build and when completed measures 120 x 92 x 41 (cm).

You can tell that this is meant to be a much more nimble ship compared to others in the Star Wars universe and they have done an excellent job translating that into LEGO bricks. In addition to the overall shape they have managed to achieve I really like all of the details they have included around the engines and cockpit! As with all of their models, Brick Collective has included an impressive amount of backstory for this ship on their website which is great to read through!

This sleek ship looks to be an awesome build for any fan of Star Wars and will definitely add some great variety to your LEGO Star Wars ship collection. You can follow the link below to check out this amazing instruction set over in the Brick Collective store!

Click here to view the SWBrickDesigns Jedi Vector in the Brick Collective store

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