New North Pole Railroad Train Cars Coming October 1

BrickTracks has announced two new train cars for the North Pole Railroad that will be available for preorder starting October 1, 2021! The Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog tank cars set contains 1496 pieces and looks to be a great addition to the BrickTracks North Pole Railroad set that was released last year (see our videos about it here). The tank cars look amazing, but what really stands out for me are the great text and images on the sides of the cars. It isn’t clear what will be a sticker or decal versus printed onto the bricks, but either way they add a lot of flavor to the cars!

Overall these 10,000 gallon tank cars look to be a great addition to the North Pole Railroad and I can’t wait to get them running around our layout! For more information about these awesome train cars make sure to follow the link below to see them in the BrickTracks store!

Click here to view the NPRR Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog Tank Cars in the BrickTracks store

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