Awesome Fire Station Modular Now Available From Brickative

Brickative has released a new instruction set on their website for an awesome looking LEGO Fire Station modular! This impressive looking modular fits on a 32×32 baseplate and requires 3066 pieces.

The modular footprint is made up of a luxury apartment and the fire station. The luxury apartment portion of the build contains a hallway, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom spread across three levels. The apartment building is connected to the fire station via a walkway which creates an interesting archway between the buildings. Inside the fire station side of the build we find a parking space for a fire truck, a large staff room, and then a water tank on the roof.

When purchasing the instructions for this impressive modular you have the option to buy a version that includes the instructions for a vintage fire truck that looks very cool in my opinion. I really like the fact that Brickative gives you this option and it is great to see a cool looking fire truck that would go quite well with the fire station.

I’m really impressed with this latest modular instruction set from Brickative and can’t wait to build it myself! It is worth noting that once you buy that instructions you will get a parts list that you can use to buy all of the necessary parts from Bricklink. You can follow the links below to read more about this awesome Fire Station modular in the Brickative store and we will post more here once we have built this model!

Click here to view the Fire Station modular with Fire Truck in the Brickative store

Click here to view the Fire Station modular in the Brickative store

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