New LEGO Pokemon Instructions Coming Soon From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds announced the next two LEGO Pokemon that they will be releasing at Philly Brick Fest! The two Pokemon they will be releasing soon are Turtwig and Piplup! Both of these models look really cool and have a lot of personality to them. Details that stand out in particular to me are the leaves on top of Turtwig’s head, Piplup’s beak, and the general color choices they have made which line up really well with what I would expect for both of these Pokemon! These awesome looking models will look excellent next to the existing Bricker Builds Pokemon models (Pikachu, Eevee, and Mudkip) when they are released. We will provide more updates once we know when these Pokemon will be released and will post reviews once we have built them! In the meantime make sure to check out the other great models that Bricker Builds sells instructions for in their store.

Click here to check out the Bricker Builds store

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