New Heavy Duty Flat Car Available From HA Bricks

HA Bricks has released a new set called the Samms 710 – Heavy Duty Flat Car for sale on their website! This cool looking set contains 233 pieces as well as stickers from Jaap Technic. I really like the steel girder load that the flat car comes with and they have done a nice job of tying down that load with the LEGO chain pieces. Another detail that jumped out at me is the use of several great stickers along the side of the flat car which add realism as well as some additional fine details that can be appreciated when looking at the model up close. Overall this looks to be a cool LEGO Heavy Duty Flat Car set from HA Bricks that would be a nice addition to any train layout and collection! You can follow the link below to check out this awesome model over in the HA Bricks store!

Click here to view the Heavy Duty Flat Car in the HA Bricks store

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