Awesome LEGO Pokemon Piplup Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds has released a new LEGO model on their site of the Pokemon Piplup! There are options for ordering just the instructions or both the bricks and instructions necessary for building this cool Pokemon. If you decide to purchase just the instructions you will be able to use the provided parts list file to order all of the required bricks from Bricklink.

This amazing LEGO Piplup consists of 2316 parts and was designed for Bricker Builds by Dave Holder. Piplup has a ton of personality with his awesome red bow tie, great eyes, the overall proportions of the model which are spot on!

Bricker Builds always does an amazing job with not only capturing the likeness of these Pokemon, but also making instructions that are really clear, which creates an enjoyable build experience. I can’t wait to start ordering parts for Piplup and you can expect to read and see more about this model here and on our YouTube Channel! You can follow the link below to check out this awesome LEGO Piplup over in the Bricker Builds store!

Click here to view the LEGO Pokemon Piplup in the Bricker Builds store

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