Awesome LEGO Master Chief Replica Helmet Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds is now selling instructions on their site for an awesome LEGO Master Chief Replica Helmet and Cortana build! This the first time that Bricker Builds has ventured into the world of Halo and I have to say this model looks really amazing.

This incredible Master Chief Replica Helmet requires 2787 parts to build (+191 for Cortana) and was designed for Bricker Builds by Lewis Meeny. The details that jump out at me right away on this impressive model are how closely the colors match up with the original helmet as well as how well proportioned and shaped the different elements of the helmet (visor, face shield, etc) are. Recreating such an iconic piece of video game history in LEGO form is no easy task, but Bricker Builds and the great designers they work with are once again up to the task. It is worth noting that when you purchase the instructions for this model you will receive a parts list file that you can use for ordering all of the required bricks from Bricklink.

In addition to creating amazing models, Bricker Builds always does an amazing job of making instructions that are really clear and easy to follow, which creates an enjoyable build experience. This looks to be another must have build and I recommend following the link below to check out this awesome LEGO Master Chief Replica Helmet over in the Bricker Builds store!

Click here to view the LEGO Master Chief Replica Helmet + Cortana in the Bricker Builds store

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