New Brickmania Digital Instructions (12/15)

Brickmania has released new digital instructions for sale on their website. The digital instructions they have added this week are the Offworld Marines Dropship + Alien Queen (designed by John Canepa) and the Offworld APC + Alien Soldier (designed by John Canepa). Both of these models are really impressive and different from a lot of the sets that we normally see from Brickmania which is cool to see. I am always a big fan of moveable parts on sets and the fact that you can deploy the rear arms with launch pods (each with space for 48 firing missiles) on the dropship is really awesome! The dropship also has adjustable wings with ailerons and side thrusters, can hold the Offworld APC or up to 20 marines, and has deployable front rocket pods. The APC is a cool model as well with rotating front and top mounted cannons and room for up to six seated minifigures inside. If you don’t already have these awesome models in your collection it is definitely worth checking them out! In addition to the instructions there are also sticker packs and special parts (BrickArms and otherwise) available for purchase so you can complete these models in all of their glory.

Click here to view the Offworld Marines Dropship + Alien Queen in the Brickmania store

Click here to view the Offworld APC + Alien Soldier in the Brickmania store

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