Amazing LEGO Spider-Man: No Way Home Bust Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds has released a new LEGO Spider-Man Bust model on their site from Spider-Man: No Way Home! There are options for ordering just the instructions or both the bricks and instructions necessary for building this really cool version of Spider-Man. If you decide to purchase just the instructions you will be able to use the provided parts list file to order all of the required bricks from Bricklink.

This incredible LEGO Spider-Man bust requires 3000 parts to build and measures 17.2″ (Height) by 8.5″ (Width) by 8.9″ (Depth). Recreating such an iconic superhero in LEGO form is no easy task, but they have done an excellent job of capturing the look of his eyes and the web pattern on his suit! As part of the build you also put together a great stand for the model which is a nice touch.

Bricker Builds always does an amazing job with not only capturing the likeness of the characters their models are based on, but also making instructions that are really clear, which creates an enjoyable build experience. This looks to be another must have build and I recommend following the link below to check out this awesome LEGO Spider-Man: No Way Home Bust over in the Bricker Builds store!

Click here to view the LEGO Spider-Man: No Way Home Bust over in the Bricker Builds store


  • Hey,

    So I am desperately trying to get my hands on the instructions PDF for the previous Spider-man Advanced Suit bust that Bricker Builds has put out. I am trying to locate them as a birthday gift for my little girl and she would absolutely LOVE this, but unfortunately the Brick Builders site has retired these plans. Additionally, I emailed them to ask about it and they are strictly sticking to it being retired. Is there any chance that you may have any ideas for how I could find/access these plans? I would very happily pay for any assistance or for a copy of the plans.

    Thank you!


    • I didn’t realize that they retired that particular model. Unfortunately I don’t know or have any other way for you to obtain the instructions for the model. Sorry!

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