Awesome Florist Modular Now Available From Brickative

Brickative has released a new instruction set on their website for an awesome looking LEGO Florist modular! This impressive looking modular is an alternate build of LEGO 41684 – Heartlake City Grand Hotel that requires an additional 89 pieces to complete.

This modular requires a 16×32 stud base to sit on and consists of 1172 pieces. The exterior of the building features a lot of purple, gold, and white which really work well together and creates a nice looking façade. I’m also a really big fan of all the great texture the designer (Łukasz Libuszewski) was able to add across the front of the modular as it creates a lot of visual interest. There also looks to be some great details located inside the florist shop especially in the main work area which has a worktable, flowers and materials for the florist to pull from, and various other structures/tools inside to help the florist with their job.

I’m always really impressed with alternate builds of existing sets and this is definitely an excellent one. Overall this latest modular instruction set from Brickative is very impressive and I will definitely be looking into building this for our LEGO City! You can follow the link below to read more about this awesome Florist modular in the Brickative store!

Tap here to view the Florist modular in the Brickative store

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