New Brickmania Digital Instructions (3/23)

Brickmania has released a new digital instruction set for sale on their website. The digital instruction set they have added this week is the M26 Pershing (designed by Daniel Siskind). Brickmania’s tank models are always really amazing and the M26 Pershing continues that tradition.

The M26 Pershing was a medium/heavy tank used by the United States Army. According to the Wikipedia page this tank was named after General of the Armies John J. Pershing and was used in the last months of World War II (during the invasion of Germany) and extensively during the Korean War. The details that really stand out for me on the model are the size of the main gun, the great shape of the turret and hatch, and the look of the tread and surrounding brick work. There is also a great sticker pack that you can purchase separately for the model (tap here to view it in the Brickmania store) that includes some great additional details.

If you don’t already have this awesome model in your collection it is definitely worth checking it out! In addition to the instructions there are also sticker packs and special parts (BrickArms and otherwise) available for purchase so you can complete this model in all of its glory.

Tap here to view the M26 Pershing in the Brickmania store

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