New Brickmania Digital Instructions (4/6)

Brickmania has released two new digital instruction sets for sale on their website. The digital instruction sets they have added this week are the Panzer IV Ausf G (designed by Daniel Siskind) and the Sherman VC Firefly (designed by Daniel Siskind). It is great to see two more of Brickmania’s amazing tank models available in this format and while both of these models are great the Sherman VC Firefly is my personal favorite.

The Sherman VC Firefly is a tank that was used by the United Kingdom and some other Allied armored formations in World War II. According to the Wikipedia page for this tank it was based on the US M4 Sherman, but was fitted with the more powerful 3-inch (76.2 mm) caliber British 17-pounder anti-tank gun as its main weapon. The Firefly was put into production early in 1944 and soon became highly valued, as its gun could almost always penetrate the armor of the Panther and Tiger tanks it faced in Normandy, something no other British Army tank could reliably do at that time. I really like how the designer has managed to capture the unique nature of the Firefly’s long barrel as well as other more distinct elements like the hatch and turret shapes. Brickmania also offers a sticker pack you can purchase separately from the model instructions (tap here to view it in the Brickmania store) that includes some great additional details.

If you don’t already have these awesome models in your collection it is definitely worth checking them out! In addition to the instructions there are also sticker packs and special parts (BrickArms and otherwise) available for purchase so you can complete these models in all of their glory.

Tap here to view the Panzer IV Ausf G in the Brickmania store

Tap here to view the Sherman VC Firefly in the Brickmania store

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