New LEGO Train Industry Instructions Coming From Brick Train Depot At The End Of April

Brick Train Depot has shown off a new set of instructions that they will be releasing at the end of April for a small, compact oil dealer. This cool new industry model was designed by @roadmonkeytj and is compatible with MILS/LGMS. The main focus points of the MILS module are a great looking oil tank that is raised up on wooden supports and a shed area which looks it has oil drums and other tools in it. The image that they shared also includes a great looking oil tanker truck which will hopefully be included in the instruction set.

I am a big fan of Brick Train Depot and the great instruction sets they release. While you are waiting for this new instruction set to be released I highly recommend checking out their site using the link below to see some of their other train and industry instruction sets.

Tap here to check out the Brick Train Depot store

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