Impressive Imperial Star Destroyer Command Bridge Available From Brick Collective

Brick Collective has released instructions for an impressive LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Command Bridge that was designed by the Eighth Fleet Project! The model requires 6532 pieces to build and when completed measures 90 x 71 x 19 (cm).

The command bridge is a very important and distinct portion of a Star Destroyer and the designers have done an excellent job of recreating it in LEGO form. The key details that really stand out are the “pits” where the navigators sit, the very distinct windshield across the front, and the white lights in the walls. I found it interesting to learn that the command bridge is part of a minifig-scale Star Destroyer by Eighth Fleet Project. Their incredible project is aiming to create a minifig scale (1:42) LEGO Star Destroyer that once built will be more than 40 meters in length.

This impressive Imperial Star Destroyer command bridge looks to be a great build that would be an excellent addition to the collection of any diehard Star Wars fan. You can follow the link below to check out this instruction set over in the Brick Collective store!

Tap here to view the Imperial Star Destroyer Command Bridge in the Brick Collective store

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