Awesome New Magnetic Power Connector Set For LEGO Trains From Brickstuff

BrickStuff has released magnetic power connectors mounted inside LEGO-compatible train coupler mounts. These are an interesting way to add lights to your LEGO train cars without needing a power source in each car. According to the website these will be made in small batches so they will be in and out of stock.

This kit includes one set (one male and one female) of magnetic power couplers mounted inside LEGO-compatible train coupler mounts. According to the Brickstuff website the mounts are 3D printed in their shop and will snap into the Basic Train Coupling (LEGO Part #2920), but the coupling brackets are not included with this kit. Brickstuff is offering coupling brackets for sale on their website in the Bricks and Parts section if you need some.

We will definitely be trying out these awesome magnetic power connectors with one of our trains to see how they work so keep an eye out for a video on our YouTube channel once we receive them! For more information on this cool new product check out the links below to the BrickStuff website!

Tap here to view the Magnetic Power Connector Set in the Brickstuff store

Tap here to view the OEM Black LEGO Coupler Mount (Pair) in the Brickstuff store

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