LEGO Tacoma and Eastern GE 45 Ton Switcher Instructions By jepaz Available On Rebrickable

Rebrickable user jepaz has released a great set of instructions for building a LEGO Tacoma and Eastern GE 45 Ton Switcher! This locomotive build requires 602 parts and would be a great addition to any small industry or rail yard in your LEGO layout. I am a big fan the work that jepaz does and this looks to be a great addition to the list of impressive LEGO instruction sets that he has for sale on Rebrickable.

In addition to the excellent color of the model I really like the details around the cab area of the locomotive in particular with the great windows, exhaust pipes, light, and horn. According to Wikipedia the GE 45 Ton was extremely versatile and many variants of it existed. The locomotive had “a high weight to power ratio and has excellent traction, rated to be able to pull 20 loaded freight cars on level track”. I also found it interesting that they “were built with a short wheelbase for use in industrial plants, yards, and other places where clearances were tight”, but they sometimes also served mainline duties (“although nearly all had an imposed speed limit of 20 mph (32 km/h) due to the double reduction gearing of their traction motors”).

Overall this Tacoma and Eastern GE 45 Ton Switcher build looks amazing and I could definitely see this being a great addition to a LEGO City layout as well as a LEGO Train collection in general. If you are interested in learning more about this great set of instructions you can follow the link below.

Tap here to view the Tacoma and Eastern GE 45 Ton Switcher by jepaz on Rebrickable

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