Mack LR Well Driller And Mack LR Flatbed Water Tanker Instructions By Yellow.LXF Available On Rebrickable

Rebrickable user Yellow.LXF has released new instruction sets for sale that allow users to build LEGO versions of the Mack LR Well Driller and the Mack LR Flatbed Water Tanker!

The Mack LR Well Driller requires 698 pieces and allows you to drill wells for the rural parts of your LEGO city layout. There appears to be a lot of pose ability with the model as you can raise or lower the drill and you can position the tower, feet, and other parts as well according to the Rebrickable page. I also like the red color choice for the truck as it really makes the model stand out!

The Mack LR Flatbed Water Tanker requires 734 pieces and is a support truck for the Well Drilling Truck that carries extra drill extensions and all of the pipe that will be laid in the hole. I also find it interesting that the flatbed portion of the truck is on top of a flattened water tank. I really like all of the accessory details included with the truck including the pipe and drill extensions that are sitting on the back.

Overall both of these truck are great and look like they would be excellent additions to a LEGO City layout. To learn more about these awesome well truck instruction sets by Yellow.LXF make sure to follow the links below to check out the Rebrickable pages for them!

Tap here to view the Mack LR Well Driller instructions by Yellow.LXF on Rebrickable

Tap here to view the Mack LR Flatbed Water Tanker Instructions by Yellow.LXF on Rebrickable

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