LEGO Zenith Escort Cruiser Available From Brick Collective

Brick Collective has released instructions for an awesome looking LEGO Zenith Escort Cruiser from Star Wars that was designed by Bob de Quatre! The model requires 9115 pieces to build and when completed measures 38cm x 126cm x 50cm.

Ships from Star Wars are always impressive, but this Zenith Escort Cruiser looks to take things to a completely different level! The sheer size of this model is incredible and I’m really impressed that the designer has packed in a lot of details and texture across the entire surface of the model. According to the product page for this cruiser it was equipped with four main engines and three more subspace engines that allowed the Escort Cruiser (despite its size of more than 800 meters) to reach a very high speed in subspace as well as in hyperspace compared to ships of a similar size. The Escort Cruiser also has strong deflector shields that could even protect docked shuttles from enemy fire. In terms of weaponry the cruiser has numerous dual lasers mounted on the hull for close-range defense, and heavy armament such as torpedoes and turbo lasers were used for counterattack. I really appreciate the inclusion of all of these details on the product page as it gives me a better sense of how this ship was used and could perform in the Star Wars universe. The section of the ship that is probably my favorite overall has to be the engines at the back of the ship. It is very impressive just how much detail the designer has packed in there and the curves they have achieved around each engine is really cool to see!

This awesome LEGO Zenith Escort Cruiser looks to be a huge, but fun build that would be an excellent addition to the collection of any diehard Star Wars fan. You can follow the link below to check out this instruction set over in the Brick Collective store!

Tap here to view the Zenith Escort Cruiser in the Brick Collective store

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