New LEGO Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 Instructions Available From Brick Aviator Designs

Brick Aviator Designs has released a new instruction set for an awesome looking LEGO Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188! This amazing jet requires 1736 parts that can be ordered through Bricklink using the XML parts list you receive when you purchase this instruction set.

The instructions allow you to build either a single seat or two seat variant of the RCAF CF-188 in 1:32 scale. The final model is packed with functionality including retractable landing gear and doors which can support the models weight, moving control surfaces (Ailerons, Flaps, Elevators, Airbrake, and Arrester hook), and and an opening canopy with a detailed cockpit. The weapons loadout for this brick built CF-188 includes three GBU-12, one external drop tank, two AIM-9L Sidewinders, one AIM-120 AMRAAM and one Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod. Finally it is worth noting that the instructions also include a display stand that you can build for showing off his awesome looking model!

Overall this is a really amazing looking fighter aircraft model that is packed with great details and functionality. To find out more about the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 instruction set make sure to tap on the link below which will take you over to the Brick Aviator Designs store.

Tap here to view the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 instruction set in the Brick Aviator Designs store

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