Cool Noodle Shop Modular Now Available From Brickative

Brickative has released a new instruction set on their website for a cool looking LEGO Noodle Shop modular! This impressive looking modular is an alternate build that requires 2 copies of LEGO 31131- Downtown Noodle Shop and 93 additional pieces to complete.

This modular requires a 16×32 stud baseplate to sit on and consists of 1062 pieces (if you are building the full modular…if you don’t want the building on a baseplate or to have any sidewalk then it only requires 893 pieces). One of the first details that jumps out at me when looking at this modular is the noodle shop sign that the designer (Lukasz Libuszewski) has mounted to the side of the building. The sign is very eye catching and does an excellent job of conveying what is located within this building. Another great detail around the main floor of the building is all of the LEGO awnings that are mounted to the walls. The texture and coloring of these awnings looks great and adds a lot of character to the look of the building as a whole. Overall I’m very impressed with how well the designer has been able to create unique decorations and details throughout the building that are applicable to this new location and ultimately result in an impressive looking modular all while largely working within the constraint of only using parts that are available in a specific set.

I’m always really impressed with alternate builds of existing sets and this is definitely a cool looking one. Overall this latest modular instruction set from Brickative is very impressive and I will definitely be looking into building this for our LEGO City! You can follow the link below to read more about this awesome Noodle Shop modular in the Brickative store!

Tap here to see the Noodle Shop modular in the Brickative store

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