Awesome Retro LEGO Models Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds has released two awesome new retro LEGO models on their site: Retro Instant Camera and Retro Alarm Clock! You can purchase the instructions and the bricks required for building each of these impressive new models from the Bricker Builds store and it looks like they will ship right away.

Both of these great looking retro models were designed for Bricker Builds by Ian Summers. The Instant Camera requires 527 bricks to construct and the finished build measures 4.2″ (Height) by 5.4″ (Width) by 6″ (Depth). In addition to being an impressive recreation of this camera from the 1970s the model also features LEGO Technic gears on each side that when spun allow a brick built photo to slide out of the opening on the front of the model! The Alarm Clock requires 427 bricks to build and once completed measures 4.2″ (Height) by 9.2″ (Width) by 6″ (Depth). I really appreciate the fact that the kit for this particular model includes enough parts to build any 12 hour time that you would like to have the clock display!

Bricker Builds always does an amazing job with not only capturing the likeness of the objects their models are based on, but also making instructions that are really clear, which creates an enjoyable build experience. Both of these look to be must have builds and I recommend following the link below to check out these awesome new Retro LEGO models over in the Bricker Builds store!

Tap here to view the Retro Instant Camera over in the Bricker Builds store

Tap here to view the Retro Alarm Clock over in the Bricker Builds store

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