Cool LEGO Rick And Morty Model Available From Bricker Builds

Bricker Builds has released an impressive new LEGO Rick’s Portal Gun model for sale on their site! You can purchase the instructions and the bricks required for building this cool model from the Bricker Builds store and it looks like they will begin shipping them out on January 2, 2023.

This awesome portal gun from the Rick And Morty TV show requires 374 parts and was designed for Bricker Builds by Lewis Meeny (@built_bricks). I’m a big fan of the excellent LEGO lightsabers that Lewis has designed and it looks like he has done a great job of recreating this well known TV cartoon prop. Specific details that really stand out for me are the portal fluid vial on the top of the gun and the black dial for choosing the portal destination as well as the red screen where the destination is shown. It is also really nice to see that in addition to the portal gun you also build a stand for display purposes. It is great to see Bricker Builds expanding out the different movies and TV shows that they are releasing models from and I look forward to seeing what other great media they pull from for future releases!

Bricker Builds always does an amazing job of not only releasing visual stunning models, but also of making instructions that are really clear, which creates an enjoyable build experience. I highly recommend following the link below to check out this awesome LEGO Rick’s Portal Gun model over in the Bricker Builds store!

Tap here to view the LEGO Rick’s Portal Gun model in the Bricker Builds store

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